It’s time to leave Sydney.

After 6.5 fantastic formative years, my last day at emitch will be 29th Sept 2006. I am going to New York as highlighted below to be a little nearer to my family in the UK.

Couple of key points:

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PARTY:  I will be having a party on Friday 13th October from 8pm.  Theme – is ‘turn up and have fun’.  The venue is Tatlers, Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross. It’s that little black secret looking grill door next to the newsagent.  There is a bar called “Lounge” next door on the corner of William and Darlinghurst road if you want to have a drink before hand.   NOTE: You will need to send me an email to have your name on the door – just email me even if you are unsure. Everyone is welcome as a thank you for making me feel so at home and welcome in Australia.

Tatler Map

What I will be doing:

As I was lucky enough to be born in the USA (but raised in England) I am moving to New York to beef up on my internet experience on a different continent, that is a little nearer to home. If you have any contacts there – friends, work or whatever – I have no idea what I am doing yet so please  – put me in touch by subscribing to my “I have USA contacts” newsletter

However – before I get there (plan to arrive USA in March), I am travelling all the way back to London, overland, from Kuala Lumpuur – Malaysia.

My plan is: 

Malaysia>Thailand>Laos>Cambodia>Vietnam>China>Mongolia>Siberia/Russia>Western Europe> Channel Tunnel to London.     Taking about 4 months.

The picture below for a ROUGH IDEA of my journey. Click HERE for a larger version.

Chris Brinkworth Planned Trip

I will be of course updating this blog with photos, stories, videos etc.., making full use of Google Earth and other great little tools, so make sure you sign up to get updates as I won’t be doing large ‘bcc’ emails to you poor buggers who don’t want to get the emails in the first place.

So – that’s it.  Sign up to all the bit’s and bobs above please – so I can stay in touch; and again – thank you all so much for making my stay in Australia such a wonderful exciting time.