October 2006

Malaysia31 Oct 2006 05:07 am

 Right Click and Save As. Open if you have Google Earth  < --- got Google Earth? Right Click, Save as... If it says .xml, save as ALL FILES and CHANGE the.xml to .kml - then open. Awake, sore back from flying and lugging my pack into the hotel (tough life).   Have a bath, noodles for breakfast and then fall asleep again. Get up midday, shake off the need for familarness  - and out into the chaos.  Walk out of the air-con into almost solid wall of damp heat and smells.  The Petronas Towers loom in the distance, the mopeds are
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Malaysia30 Oct 2006 08:58 am

The airport.   Enough said.   Leaving somewhere when you have no idea if you will be back is always an emotional experience.   Knowing that that little red line you have to cross as ‘passenger only’ can make a grown man
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Australia26 Oct 2006 10:30 am

 Photos Here 

 Latte and a cigarette.  BLT on it’s way.   Three days away from leaving Australia and I am sitting in a coffee shop off Argyle Street in Camden, a small town in country New South Wales, Australia.     I am STARVING, having not 10 minutes ago just finished an Aerobatic Joyride in a vintage Tiger Moth bi-plane made in the 1940’s.   The fresh air, the
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Australia20 Oct 2006 07:36 am

So – scratch that below.   Made the call to someone very special who will be seeing me off at the airport, and they are at the races on the Saturday for work.  

Now booked to leave Sunday 29th 18:30 pm.   

Australia20 Oct 2006 06:23 am

At last, ticket purchased.  Good on you Zuji.com. What a price, even with tax included.

Flight departs Australian soil at 16:30 Sat 28th Oct 2006. 1 week away. Strange feelings. Now it’s all go  – it’s amazing when you think about uprooting yourself from 6.5 years of your life.  How to describe… Like how your stomach feels… like a cross between christmas eve as a child yet also like you’ve been called up to see the head-mistress at primary school.  The fact that I put my credit card into the train ticket barrier at Kings X today makes me think it’s more the latter feeling.



ZUJI - Your online travel guru
   Booking confirmation
Thank you for booking your trip on ZUJI. Your trip details and Trip ID are stated below.


 Trip Summary

ZUJI Trip ID :  (Yeah – Like I’m leaving THAT in there!)
Itinerary For    :  Brinkworth/Chris Mr

  Payment and Ticketing:
Your payment has successfully been processed and we are now issuing your tickets. Once your tickets have been despatched we will send you a confirmation email.   

Please quote your Trip ID (yeah – like Im leaving THAT in there) whenever you contact the Customer Service Centre.


 Trip Details:
 Austrian Airlines OS2 (Non-stop)  Economy Class   Flight Details   
Airline Logo
Departing:  Sydney, Australia   Sat, 28 Oct at 4:50pm  
  (Terminal 1 International)
Arriving:  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia   Sat, 28 Oct at 11:15pm
  (Main Terminal)
     Aircraft:  Boeing 777 Jet
Seat:  Check in at Airport   Meal:  Meal Served / Snack/Brunch

  Price Summary:
 Travellers   Price    
 1 adult = AUD 336.00  
 Taxes and Surcharges = AUD 139.98  
 Service Fees = AUD 12.00  
 Total Price = AUD 487.98


Stuff15 Oct 2006 10:26 am

Just playing around with Mapping sites today. (Continue)

Stuff14 Oct 2006 02:59 am

So – had the leaving party last night at Tatlers, in Kings Cross, Sydney.

FUN FUN FUN and so many lovely people there to make it a great crowd. Very sad to think that ‘s my last party in Sydney.  Hate goodbye’s – so it’s just as well I had no idea when people left (or when I left for that matter).  Photo’s are here