China16 Jan 2007 02:40 am

Wuhan – literally exhausted me.

I had some choices to make…. Continue travel up through the middle of China towards Beijing… or divert across to see Shanghai whilst I was in China.

Having had a very good taste of real China, I took

a cheap flight straight to Shanghai, where, Anna, a friend lives…

What a city! The largest and most expensive in China. BOY do they like to build things big in this country!.

Entire buildings were television billboards, rich kids drove around in rich cars – whilst beggar kids chased you for a bite to eat.

What a relief to speak English, read an English menu etc..

The vibe here, I could only liken to a frontier town in the gold-rush.


I was taken to several bars / nightclubs – where the ex-pat community was on fire. Such a young invigorating vibe.

I stayed here a week. It was like a holiday from traveling and a much needed one at that.

Despite the new, there was also the old however – and i marveled at the museums and old houses.

WEIRD fact: In the museum – there was a carving called ‘1000 buddhas’ – clearly, a stone with 1000 small buddhas carved into it.

If you remember the ‘magic eye’ pictures…. you may understand my creepy feeling when i looked absently at that relic and they all jumped out towards me.



Next stop- Beijing.



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Title: Flight-to-Shanghai
Description: from Wuhan

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