China23 Jan 2007 08:15 am

Out of EVERY country so far – I have enjoyed meeting the locals where I can and trying to get to know them. Beijing, excuse my language F**** that trend up for me.

It’s an incredible city- clearly. Poets have written about it for .. years.

You think of the name and it conjures up thoughts of millions of bicycles, the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square… what it DOESN’T do is prepare you for the countless scam artists.

If there was a genuine Chinese person who wanted to speak to me out of friendliness in Beijing… I can honestly say they must have found me rude, abrupt and not interested.

As soon as you get your guidebook out, or if you have your day-pack on – you are a tourist target.

Many people come up to you, pretending to want to learn English, practice their English or just find out where you are from.

Then, when they have spoken to you for 5 mins – they say they want a cup of tea… One, that if you are not careful could cost you $$$…

Or are selling art. These people, truly, are ruining China’s image and – I can see, will have a field day when the Olympics goes live.

Moving on from that rant – the city was truly amazing.

Everything you would expect and more so. Again – these people love to build BIG.

I got lost in the forbidden city it was so large. The Great Wall… HOW did they do that?!?

Tianamen Square… yes, I got the idea of tanks on there… and judging by the security presence – not much demonstration gets started there.

I swear that a group of plains clothes police talked to me… maybe that’s because of the video footage I boldly took as students were told to lower their banners (see Beijing video).


As you can see -too many photo opportunities and not enough space for them all.


I had a few hiccups with trying to get a train onwards into Mongolia – but that is in the next posting!





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Title: Mag-Train
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Title: Great-Wall
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