Vietnam23 Jan 2007 02:03 am

Hanoi.  So different to Saigon.

This, is where the huge communistic structures appear. Ho Chi Minh’s body, embalmed (despite wanting to be cremated) so his loyal followers can queue up and see the wonderful man in the wax-like flesh in his glass box (no cameras allowed).   

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Here, in the queue i had my first experience of death at close hand – before i entered.   How to write the look in an old man’s eyes when you catch him as his legs give way and he dies looking at you, without a word spoken.


 I have hammered at my bright blue rubber keyboard for the past hour and cannot capture the moment without losing the personal and special moment that it was; so i will leave at that. 

Around Hanoi are the two sites which, added to Hoi An (see previous post), saved Vietnam for me as a destination.  


Hallong Bay, 1 hour from Hanoi with it’s limestone islets jutting out of the water and


Sappa – 10 hours North on the border with China, with it’s mountains laced with muddy rice paddies and local tribes still living in tradtional costume  – not just wearing it for the tourists.


Stuck in Hanoi for a week extra to arrange a new Chinese visa (my other one expired because im so far behind time) the charms of Hanoi wear off. 


 – but, if you  are here look up a bar called Le Pub on Hang Be in the Old Quarter.


Great bar, great staff/owners great food and made me feel at home for my time here.

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